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What is McGame Jam?

McGame Jam is a 48 hour game development marathon where attendees are tasked with creating a playable game, in any shape or form, based on a chosen thematic. Organized by Game Dev McGill , McGame Jam's goal is to bring students together to collaborate and create great games, regardless of their skill level. So whether you are a veteran game developer or a first-time jammer, join us for a weekend of game development, learning, and fun.


When and where is it?

McGame Jam 2021 will be happening between Friday January 15th and Sunday January 17th EST, remotely through Discord.

Who can participate?

McGame Jam is open to all everyone aged 18 or older, with priority given to students. We reserve the right to cancel any tickets which do not respect those conditions.

What should I prepare?

In order to enjoy this competition to the fullest, we recommend you get familiar with programming languages as well as tools such as the following:

What if I am alone?

You are welcome to use our Facebook event page to try and find other teammates. Otherwise, we will set up a Discord server to facilitate team building prior to the event. As well, there will be an hour after the opening ceremony to form teams during the live event.

How big can my team be?

Please make sure your team is of at most 8 members! Teams of bigger sizes will be encouraged to split up.

Where do I submit my game for judging?

We will be using for the submission progress. Detailed instructions will be given at the event.



To sign up you must purchase a FREE ticket. You will need to have registered a ticket to access the Discord server and submit your game on for judging. Tickets also provide you with the following: